Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Get out of my space!

Last Saturday morning I spent most of my time scratching purple and orange Playdoh out of my son's cream bedroom carpet. I cursed myself for leaving it within his reach, and smugly found a spot for the container on top of his wardrobe.  Later in the afternoon I discovered he'd also found the coloured chalks, and so I witnessed 'Multicoloured Carpet - Part 2'. Will I ever learn? He's suddenly hit the age where he is surprisingly resourceful, and he can open packets and boxes that he couldn't before. I should really quench his insatiable curiosity in the hope that it will help him go further in his adult life, but there is a time and a place. My flat is kiddiproof (or so I thought). It may be time to revisit things within his reach and not underestimate his new found opposable thumb skills. I think a regular review of potential hazards in broken toys, his reach and what fastenings/bottle tops he can open is very important. Failing that, I could just glue everything sharp, dangerous and messy to the ceiling and be done with it.

Lego man with shopping trolly

We got out of the house for a bit on the weekend and did a much-needed shop at the supermarket. Whilst having lunch at the in-store cafe he bolted off twice before I could get his wrist strap/reign on him. One all-knowing stranger felt the need to say, "You need a leash for that one." Thanks for your input. I know I have a mischievousness monkey for a child, but thank you for announcing it.

As we returned to the car I noticed a shiny black BMW pulling into the Parent and Toddler space next to me. I noticed there was no child seat in the back of the car, and I felt the need to point this out to the driver who looked old enough to know better. He said, "Excuse me? This is my child", as his 15 year old 'child' with facial fuzz opened the passenger door. Embarrassed, and thinking he must be disabled I apologised profusely, and then the 'kid' jumped out of the car and off into the supermarket! I stood their speechless (a rare occurrence, I'm told). He is obviously someone who is deluded to think you get the privilege of a larger space just because you have a 'child'. It's frustrating because it's difficult to find a parent and toddler space. I felt bad for the genuine parents with toddlers/babies who were queuing for the space. Surely the point is that in order to get a baby out and back into a car - strapped in safely - you need to open the door fully? A teenager can manage on his own.

A couple of the supermarkets issue a £50 fine for the misuse of toddler spaces (although I'm not sure how strictly they can enforce these penalties anyway). It equally frustrates me when a family park in a toddler space and only one of the adults get out to nip into the shop, leaving the children in the car with the other parent. Or, when there is a child seat in the car....but it's empty. I also could've done with parking in a parent and child space in my third trimester as I tried to squeeze my enormous bump through a tiny crack in the door, because technically, I did have a child. However, I didn't because these spaces rely on good manners and common sense. Unfortunately there are the inconsiderate few who are either a buckle short of a five-point harness or just down right selfish.

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  1. Fantastic as always...and very good points parent and chil is for children ....NOT TEENAGERS!!!!