Thursday, 24 January 2013

Parenthood: Encouragement and Bribery

Poos seldom occur at a convenient time: Usually during dinner, when you're about to leave for work, or at 3am when faeces is the last smell you want resonating through your nostrils in your sleepy stupor. However, it's almost like an alarm in the little 'uns tummy, and you daren't ask them to wait. That's a disaster waiting to happen. You stop, drop whatever your doing (regardless of how important it is) and start a jog/brisk walk to the nearest lavatory. You'll also attempt not to giggle at the Charlie Chaplin-style waddle your offspring has suddenly developed bought on by the urge to bear down.

I can't complain about my son's toilet habits though, to be fair. He'll normally tell me when he needs to go and the days of showering poop from bed sheets - to get rid of the worst - before a wash are (thankfully) behind me. My boy, now almost 3 years old is now becoming an independent person. He can now dress himself, put on his own shoes, entertain himself, brush his own teeth, 'read' himself a book in bed before tucking himself in at night. This new found independence is very useful in our weekday morning routine. It's such a relief that both of us know what we should be doing and when so that we can get out of the house in time! Independence is not without it's quarrels, but I'm grateful that he will try his best to be a 'big boy' and is eager to impress me. I ensure I still make a big fuss when he can dress before I can finish in the shower and it encourages him more.

Toddler hanging out of bed still asleep
Who needs a bed when you can sleep standing up?

The area we're really trying to develop at the moment is for him to stay in his own bed at night. It's a real struggle for me when my sleep is still disturbed at least once in the night, and I'm beginning to forget what a complete night's sleep feels like. I'm sure I must've had one at some point in my life. Right?

He's doing OK with this task. I've been really strict since the new year. He still comes into my room every night, but now 75% of the time he'll give me a hug and go back to his own bed himself! However, the nights when those pesky dinosaurs find their way into his bedroom he'll refuse to go back to bed. This results in me being kicked in the ribs and in a constant draft when he gets too hot and pushes the covers off.

I'm thoroughly looking forward to having my bed (and my nights) back to myself. I know with persistence (and stickers to use as bribery) we'll get there in the end.

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