Sunday, 4 November 2012

Little surprises

Note to self: Don't jump out from behind a door to make a potty-training child jump. Although it provokes infectious giggles it usually ends with the phrase, "Mummy, I weed myself".

Despite this little hiccup my son is definitely improving his ability to hold on and to let me know when he needs to use the toilet. This is indeed a relief to me, my carpet and my washing machine. I'm impressed with how he has progressed and although he still has the odd accident and still wears pull-ups at night I think we may have finally cracked it.

I've started looking at potential nurseries for him for when his 15 hours free nursery care kicks in next April. We have a lovely nursery in the village which has been rated outstanding across the board by Ofsted. I hope to visit them this week. His development generally is coming along nicely and he's starting to understand that things don't magic from thin-air. For example, he knows where milk comes from and that chicken's lay eggs. However, he also told me that wool comes from a bumblebees udders so he still has a little way to go. He also comes out with randomly long words for his age. Where some children would chime about drinkies, horsies and wee wees he prefers to pronounce (without difficulty) words such as obviously, actually and concentrate.