Tuesday, 24 July 2012

How about a tummy tuck?

Two words: Boot Camp.

These two words have reduced the muscles - which I didn't think I had anyway - to quivering wrecks. Every time I get up from my desk at work I have to consciously unravel myself slowly and then hobble off to the photocopier/kitchen/toilet looking like I'm severely constipated. I then have had to explain to my colleagues (who look at me like I'm constipated) that I am, in fact, in general bodily pain. I just can't feel my own foot on the ground, and this is just how I will be walking for the next couple of days, thank you very much.

I started Boot Camp with a couple of friends last week. I went for my second session last night, and I was subjected to an hour of putting my body in positions and under strain I didn't know possible. I was OK with the running parts because I still run 2/3 times a week. However, the sit-ups, press-ups, burpies and squats were killers.

Apple, stethoscope and tape measure
Pain is good, right?
This was me initiating the next phase of my 'Get fit and healthy' regime. I've still got weight to loose and I'm into the beginning of my fourth month with Weight Watchers, but I now need to start on the toning and getting the muscles in my abdomen 'switched on' (as my physio calls it). I have a plan to eliminate the bits that shouldn't wobble. Sort of like a poor man's tummy tuck.

Straight after Boot Camp my muscles feel hard and defined (and very sore). It's impressive how little muscle strength I have, particularly in my arms and stomach. I struggle to do one girly (that's on my knees) press-up. As for sit-ups, you might as well pull me up by the hands and call it that, because it's not going to happen without any external influence!

So this will be my body for the next four days. The pain will get worse tomorrow and then subside by Thursday. However, I'm hoping to go for a run after work tomorrow. I'm not sure if my legs will go on strike in defiance and collapse, leaving my body in a crumpled heap. We'll see, I suppose.
Green hair
Green hair!!

My son dyed his hair for the first time yesterday. Well, it was a mixture of green paint, glitter and sand which took 3 shampoos to lift. He thought that tipping a pot of paint on his head was the best thing to do at the time, it seems.

He has just over a month left at nursery before he moves on to the childminder, and I still haven't told him that he will be leaving. I know he'll be devastated but I don't want to upset him just yet. I think that as long as children are blissfully unaware of impending doom then it's better for all parties involved. I really don't want to break his little heart and I'm dreading the day I have to explain that Mummy's ripping him away from his little friends.

He'll miss his girlfriends (he has a few on the go now). Because of the time I pick him up and drop him off I do not normally bump into many other parents. I don't see any of them socially, and I wonder whether I should make more of an effort so that when he leaves nursery we can have a few play dates. One mother had discovered we were leaving the nursery, and kindly said that her and her daughter would be sad to see us go. She said the obligatory (but empty), "We really must do lunch some time". I agreed, and then we both walked off in different directions without exchanging contact details.

I've confirmed with the estate agents that I'll be moving house at the beginning of September, so I'm starting to look at possibilities. This brings more exciting changes that are unnerving at the same time. I think as long as I make plenty of lists then things should go smoothly. Anyway, any worries I did have had melted away over the last couple of days with the casting out of the 'monsoon season' we've been having, which has replaced with a bit of happy-inducing sunshine. The kind where you have to walk around with minimal clothing to stop yourself from passing out from heat exhaustion.

Summer is finally here!

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