Thursday, 3 May 2012

The undesirable habits of a toddler

I'm exhausted.

Last night my son woke approximately eight times. I was persistent with leaving him to go back to sleep on his own, however, after the eighth time at about 3am my eyes burned so badly from tiredness that I caved in and brought him into my room. Alas, this was not the 'easy option' I had wished for in those sleep deprived moments. He proceeded to shout out the names of the nursery staff and lash out in his sleep, which, resulted in me receiving a foot in my face and a suspect bruise on one of my ribs that I discovered this morning.

The 'I'm up to monkey-business' face
Tonight couldn't come quick enough and I am thoroughly looking forward to my head finding my pillow in the not-so-distant future. He's had a busy day at nursery painting, so I hope he will go to sleep tonight and stay asleep (so far, so good).

Earlier, I caught my son shoving the pointy end of a 'Mr Potato Head' piece up his nose. I'm not sure if he was digging for treasure or just generally testing for resistance, but nevertheless that particular piece was removed from temptation pretty swiftly. To be fair, my son does seem to get allergies and have a runny nose quite often so there's often an abundance of fluid up there. He's recently discovered that he's interested in the flavour and takes pleasure in showing me each prize as he discovers it. I quickly and calmly remove the offender with a tissue and try to distract him with a toy or a photo of himself.

Another habit he has started recently is bottom scratching to the point of bleeding. This is very distressing for me but doesn't seem to bother him one bit! If he's naked (which he often is as he seems to prefer walking around as nature intended) and my back is turned for a split second, the chances are he'll be having a good scratch. Now, I'm not sure if he's just generally got very sensitive skin around there, he's got worms, he's not getting his bottom cleaned properly at nursery or whether in fact it's just another interesting orifice to explore to attempt to satisfy his insatiable curiosity. I always make sure I spread the Sudocrem on thickly to try to help it heel after washing him with an emollient.

How much food can I get over me
before Mummy reacts?
As well as things that he finds to do to his own body, he'll also constantly explore and test the world around him (namely me). His current favourite past time is dropping various objects into my drinks. I've had pens, Mr Patoato Head's ear, a small ball, a leaf and the plug to my iPod charger (yes, not too happy about that one) to name but a few. I used to freak out about this but as I'm supposed to be toning down my reactions I have put in a concious effort to calmly remove the object and the drink out of harms way.

Penchant for
 gold sling-backs
A warning to all those parents-to-be: You can child-proof your house but they will always find something you never thought of. My boy likes to get into the fridge and smash the eggs on the kitchen floor. He likes to take my heels off the shoe rack and parade around the living room in them (especially the gold ones). He thoroughly enjoys reaching up onto the kitchen work surface to grab anything in reach. He's the height of a 3 year-old and so he has a lot more exploration scope than the average 2 year-old should have. He's like a genetically modified  toddler who is super speedy, super intelligent with a cracking sense of humour. He is not unlike a mini-tornado due to the trail of destruction he leaves in his wake.

I am lucky in that he never really got into using a pacifier or sucking his thumb. So those are two challenges I won't have to face.  However, he does have a comforter at bedtime so I'll have to decide when it's time to wean him off that. I'll be the bad person but I know that it'll be for the best. He's doing well with bed times and has been going off to sleep without me in the room recently. I have also been paying him lots more positive attention including complimenting him on his politeness and manners. I have noticed that he doesn't follow me around as much. I feel he is more confident that if I leave the room, I will come back to him.

A tantrum. Just because.
We are going to my cousins wedding this weekend. It'll be interesting to see how he interacts with the other children there, and whether his general behaviour has improved. I just hope he refrains from having a tantrum during the ceremony or removing his clothes and tugging on himself!

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  1. Lol!!! Might be worth a worm tablet... just in case as at this age everything goes in their mouths and thats how the eggs are picked up, cant hurt him. Well done with the bedtime routine***** give yourself a big pat on the back. Hope the weekend goes smoothly, waiting eagerly for next installment, still not getting these directly into email so apologies for late comments. xxx