Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Toddlers and their Tall Tales.

My son is responding really well to the new sleep regime. Last night at bedtime he fell asleep almost immediately as I left the room. It's really encouraging because it means I have more time for myself to eat, catch up on some ironing and find out what TV I've missed.

Whilst there's still room for improvement with his bedtime routine I'm pleased at our progress. The hope was that with improved sleep would come improved behaviour. However, his general behaviour is still 'monkey-like' at times and I feel that it may be something I need to accept for the foreseeable future. I haven't been able to reward him with a sticker for good behaviour at nursery for about a week because he's still hitting and biting. The trigger for him is that if another child tries to take a toy that he is playing with he lashes out instead of sharing. In this instance, the nursery staff remove him from the situation and he has to set next to one of the staff on the window seat for a few minutes. He doesn't like the idea of his play being interrupted, and the nursery feel the message is starting to sink in. However, they also say that if particular staff are sat with him he takes it as an opportunity to try to cuddle them as a way of having some one to one attention. Their response is to try not to respond or look at him. I am therefore not 100% sure of it's effectiveness as a learning tool in his case.

When I went to pick him up from nursery today, as usual, my son was really casual about my arrival, and he didn't run over for a hug. Instead he casually sipped on a beaker of water and let his friends flock to me instead. They're a very cute bunch of two year-olds. Lets face it, what else are you at that age, but cute? I always crouch down to have a little chat because I find their conversations fascinating. They stroke my cheek, and if I'm wearing tights they'll stroke those too because of the strange texture. They all start to talk at once to me. One little girl rolled her leggings up and pointed at her knees. Another opened her mouth wide and pointed at her teeth. The little boy who always takes my car keys from me told me again that I had a blue Renault Megane. Apparently, he knows all the makes, models and colours of all the parent's cars. I definitely approve of him hanging out with my son with his obvious brain-like-a-sponge!

What was different about tonight and the usual gaggle of toddlers (all simultaneously lifting up their t-shirts to show me their belly buttons) is that they were all saying they wanted to come home with me in my car to my son's house. I said that unfortunately I didn't have the space. But it turns out that even a two year old can spin a tall tale. Every single child was under the impression that my son lived at Peppa Pig's house and that's why all the children wanted to come home with me. I have absolutely no idea how that rumour started, but I see I'll have to watch the little fibster to see what else he comes out with! It's incredible how through miscommunication and a lot of imagination they have these amazing conversations with each other in their own little worlds. Hence, why I find it so fascinating so sit amongst them and just listen to what they have to say, in order to be transported directly into the mind of a two year-old.

Now the hot weather has arrived it's made him a little restless tonight. Bedtime was a bit shaky. He did the normal routine of weeing on the kitchen floor so I took him calmly upstairs for a bath. His new trick is that whilst he's drinking his milk, he'll get a whole mouthlful and then spit it out in a big fountain over himself, his bed and his pyjamas. I have to change everything.

Now, it's peaceful on the home front. I can hear my neighbour through the walls still struggling with her 3 year old, who wants another story. I'm grateful that I can hang the washing out on the line ready for tomorrow's brilliant sushine, do some ironing and eat some low fat ice cream with my favourite chocolate fudge crunch creams smashed into it.

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