Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Sweet Swede, The Sea Monster and The Lance Corporal

Last night my boy was in a foul mood. He had a tantrum in the bath (which was a first). I had to try to hang onto his slippery body to prevent him from drowning in his rage. All because he's a very independent little boy and wanted to wash his own hair and Mummy got in the way. I'll know for next time.

At bedtime I persisted with leaving him for a few minutes at a time. I went back in to check on him for a third time at 8.15pm and he was fast asleep! This is indeed a record and has proven that the new sleep regime is working. I hope that with persistance over the next week or so I'll be able to leave him once and he'll drop right off. It feels good to have your hard work pay off.

Earlier in the day, I called 'The Sweet Swede' from the online dating site to which I'm subscribed. I had to take a few big breaths, try to not sound flustered and count to three in order to pluck up the courage to press the call button. I felt at ease almost immediately. There were a few awkward moments where we tried to talk over the top of each other but no uncomfortable silences. I'm glad I wrote out a list of questions though otherwise my mind would have gone blank. He was very honest and open, and discussed his views on marriage, living together and foot rubs. It was great to talk to him and I feel there is something mysterious about him. Why does he have the views he does on these things? Was there a pivotal point that formed these opinions or was it just him evolving?

He's said he'll call me for another chat. I do need to speak to him some more because I'm starting to wonder if he'll appreciate my quirky sense of humour and my (occasional) untidiness. He finds Facebook intrusive and so I can see that if we ever become anything I'd better not let him read my blog!

It is, however, the day of the hat trick. There must be something in the water this Bank Holiday. Despite not hearing from 'The Sea Monster' for a week he got back in touch yesterday and apologised. He said he'll ring me in the week. Also another online dater, 'The Lance Corporal', has been in contact and promises to call.

We'll see how it goes. I'm not pinning my hopes on any of them, although it's difficult not to imagine what life would be like five years down the line. I could be visiting Sweden, relocating to Fleet or missing my man who's been posted to a war zone. For now it's just nice to have the confidence boost and some options. It's good to discover that people can find you attractive, and that they want to spend time with you.

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