Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Foot fetishists and fibbers

I had a mega hot man message me via one of the internet dating websites to which I'm subscribed. Sceptical of his sheer awesomeness I wrote a little note to him which said, "Hi how was your weekend?" He replied with another photo. This time it was a real picture of himself. He was 20 years older, 20 inches more round and 20 times uglier.

It really goes to show that despite thinking people would be more inclined to be honest and upfront on a dating website, in fact, the opposite is true. I found one particular profile and instantly recognised all four of his profile pictures as being that of the actor who played the new Superman in the movie. I spoiled his fun by reporting him to the website administrators.
You really never can tell with these websites. People could have old photos, or tell you what they want to hear. I know men can do that even face-to-face too but via the websites they can hide behind their computers, scratching themselves in their underwear, and tell you they look good in a pair of Speedos - who does though, really? - I don't see the point of wasting people's time by being untruthful. Perhaps these fabricators are so lonely they need to feel wanted. If a girl responds to an email in that moment the guy gets the feeling that someone cares. Even if it is because they have put a bronzed muscle-bulging picture of the Davidoff model in place of their own.

Now I realise I must sound incredibly shallow, and you're right, it's not all about looks. However, surely there needs to be some sort of initial chemical reaction in order to build a foundation on? Guys aren't just dishonest about what they look like. I'm sure they're dishonest about their personality traits too.

I think the key with these sites is to use your discretion. I received two emails today from men who had very different ages, locations and interests, however, their profile description was almost identical. Had one found the other and preferred the way it portrayed him more than the sad truth? I have confronted both of them so we'll have to see which one tries to wiggle their way out of that one!
Lick these

Eugh! I've just been asked if my feet are size 8 or bigger because, "I like licking feet". Seriously!?!?!? Straight in with that? Wow. So there is upfront honesty on these sites after all. Now I'm not sure which I prefer; the closet cases or the loons who come right out and say it!

On a positive note, my toddler's behaviour is vastly improving. I received an email from the manager of the nursery today to say how good he had been. She had responded to my email to her regarding my son's underpants:

There have been a couple of occasions recently whereby [my son] has soiled himself. When this occurs the soiled pants (still with contents) are wrapped in a nappy bag and put in his nursery bag for me to deal with at home.

Do you think it’s possible to either:
a. Empty the contents of the soiled pants in the toilet before bagging them?; or
b. Throwing the pants in the bin? (I can buy more)
It’s quite nasty at 10pm at night when I remember to empty his bag and find a squelchy pair of pants in there. All I do is throw them away so you have my permission to do the same with pants that have a large amount of ‘content’.
Many thanks.

My toddler fell asleep in the car on the way back from nursery. He was a poor exhausted little boy, and I couldn't wake him. He wouldn't even budge when I put his bedtime pull-ups on, so I put him straight to bed at 6.20pm this evening. He didn't have a sleep today, and he was obviously shattered so I hope he sleeps through the night. Probably wishful thinking.

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