Sunday, 20 May 2012

First date with the Sweet Swede, a green larva and a stiff neck

Looking up 'bottle green larva' on Google images whilst eating Spaghetti Bolognese was, in hindsight, not a good idea!

As I was strolling around the lake on a first date today with the Sweet Swede I spotted a very fat shiny bottle green grub crawling along the path in front. We stopped to have a brief look before continuing on. Now I'm home I thought I would see if I could find out what species it was. Unfortunately I can't find it. So either we stumbled upon an unknown species or it wasn't a larva at all.

The date went well, I thought. We got lost a few times and ended up in the middle of nowhere, but I think that added to the uniqueness of the occasion. He was the perfect gentleman and very sweet (in-keeping with his code name). When we met, the first thing I noticed were his eyes. They looked like the type that could burrow deep into your soul and read what you were thinking. We had the slightly awkward and unsure moment of whether to kiss on the cheek and hug. I suppose the key is to go in with conviction, which I did, and luckily he reciprocated. It was a really nice hug. I probably could have stayed there a bit longer.

As we walked, he kept finding things to trip over which was the source of my constant amusement. I think he tripped a total of 5 or 6 times. His comment was, "It only happens when I'm looking at you" - ten out of ten for smoothness. We walked next to each other but not too close. There were a couple of occasions whereby we had to move next to each other in order to navigate around people or go through gates, and the tension was pretty high. He put his hand out and brushed my back as if to stop me falling at one point which made me a little tingly.

I pulled a muscle in my neck a few days ago but I still have difficulty turning my head more than about 45 degrees to the right. Very nicely, he offered to walk on my left so I could still keep eye contact with those amazing eyes of his.

We talked about my son. He is obviously the most important part of my life. However I tried not to mention him too much at this early stage as not to scare him off, but I don't think he was phased. I was pleased that he seemed so comfortable, and I had mentioned him before so it's not like it was shocking new information. I feel I may have over-shared on the details of his birth though. We'll put that down to nerves.

I nearly didn't make it to the date in the first place. I changed my clothes a few times before I finally had to go with what I had on as I only had five minutes to get there. I also lost my make up bag and had to hunt for it. I was starting to think of things I could use as a substitute for eyeliner when I finally found it in my bedroom. Phew!

Tonight when I got home I couldn't finish my dinner. Was it excitement, reduced appetite from dieting or the graphic images of larvae online?

Speaking of worms, I got my son some worm medicine as recommended by a friend (just in case they were the cause of his bottom itching) and some cream for the itch just in case it was just dryness. He seems to be responding well to the cream. He has gone down to sleep OK this evening without too much interference from me so I'm pleased he is finally getting more sleep. However, he bit four children at nursery on Friday so I am very concerned about the repercussions.

We'll see what nursery have to say to me on Monday. But right now, I'm feeling warm and fuzzy with the anticipation of whether the Sweet Swede would like to see me again. Another hug like the goodbye hug he gave me would be incredible.

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