Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Weigh-In...

Just a short entry to track my Weight Watchers progress.

Yesterday morning was my weigh-in for my first week of Weight Watchers. Before my morning shower I took off all items of clothing (including a hair band I was wearing) to ensure it was as accurate as possible. I looked down and took a step onto the scales.

I normally wear glasses (or contacts) and first thing in the morning I walk around without any aids to my vision so I'm very blurry-eyed. When the number first flickered up on the digital scales I had to blink, squint and crouch down in order to confirm what I had read. Believe it or not, I've shed 5lbs in a week! I was amazed.

I am now well and truly hooked. I measure everything that passes my lips and log it on my points tracker. I'll be going for another run after work even if it's raining (which it probably will be).

I took a photo of myself yesterday (to add to my profile on the dating sites) and I can definitely see that facially I look thinner! I'm pleased that it's working so well and look forward to loosing the next 5lbs!

I welcome any feedback on any of my posts and would love to read any comments.

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