Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Single Mother

A mum looses all selfishness the day her child is born,
You might see it sometimes but the old person has gone,
And if she’s single they’ll be even less of a glimmer,
She’ll be exhausted, over-worked and wishing she was slimmer.

Reliant on only her, she wonders if anyone else will care as much,
A broken promise will be there for you, that’s it, so tough!
Get up, the drop-off, the job, the pick-up,
The washing, the ironing, the bedtime, the cleaning sick up.

There’s the whining, the whinging, the screaming, the biting,
The scratching, the tantrums, the hitting, the fighting.

But she’ll teach him to style his hair,
To wee standing up, to chase off the nightmares,
She’ll be there when he first catches a ball,
She’ll be there to see it all.

He’ll run to her when he’s hurt his knee,
He’ll come to her when he’s in need,
And when he’s older and feeling alone,
It’s Mum he’ll hug to feel at home.

When the time comes for her to leave,
She would like to think that he’ll believe,
She helped him grow into what he’s become,
When he’s older and strong, with a child of his own.

He’ll know that she did everything she could,
To teach him to act like a proper man should,
And he’ll remember what she went through back then,
And that she would do it all again.

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  1. Hi Naomi,

    Just read all your blog posts and they're great!! I've been wanting to blog for a while now but thought I'd never have anything worth people taking time to read. You've proved that the day to day can be an enjoyable, insightful and entertaining read. And you sound like a super Mum :) Look forward to future posts.
    Julie x