Thursday, 19 April 2012

Shake the baby weight

On the long list of things to get back on track following having a baby next to social life and wardrobe is fitness and weight loss.

As an emergency C-Section patient I really hadn't researched the implications of this massive surgery before it happened and so I was very unprepared for the aftermath.  The guidelines from doctors to take it very carefully for 6 weeks turned into 2 years and here I am today feeling like a lazy fat lump with a scar and a fat belly flap.

Now, as a mum of a toddler, we all know full well that I am anything but lazy. I don't have time to be lazy. Far from it. But the problem is that I flit from here to there making sure that my son has what he needs at the correct times and without too much kicking and screaming to really think about what I'm shoving into my mouth or what exercise I'm getting. The difficulty being, of course, that when I am not working I am looking after my son (apart from the occasional weekend).  How do I have time to exercise. I don't. Well, at least I haven't been.

Zumba for the Wii
This is not without the best intentions.  I bought a Zumba game for the Wii with the belt that straps around your middle. Quite amusing. However, rather than dancing along with me (which I thought he would do) my son wanted to be picked up and clung onto my leg.  I had to stop for fear of accidentally launching him across the room with an over zealous wiggle.

So I've taken a different direction.  After trying to be concious of my weight after Christmas I managed to loose 6lbs and then got stuck and couldn't loose any more. I've never tried Weight Watchers so a couple of days ago I thought I'd give it ago. Already, I've lost 3lbs in two days so although I have to eat mostly rabbit food things are going pretty well. My daily points allowance is do-able and I'll see how it goes over the next week.  I've not got the boy this weekend so I plan to go for a run around a lake I live near both on Saturday and Sunday and see how I get on.

I think the biggest motivator for me is looking back at old pictures of my beautifully toned stomach and I'm determined to get that back again!

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