Friday, 20 April 2012

My date: A rich, velvety Spaniard with a long elegant finish

This is my first weekend for a couple of weeks that I have free of parenting duties. One word: Bliss.

People may not understand how I can bear to be without my little one for a couple of days, but I can do with the break! Don't get me wrong, of course I will miss him over the next couple of days but one of the bonuses of being a single parent is that you can have weekends of peace when you need to recharge your batteries and get your life in order.

 First things first, the bottle of Rioja is open and is being joyfully sipped. But not too much, because Weight Watchers slap an uncomfortable 9 points on 2 large glasses of wine which is 25% of my daily points allowance!

So I sit and muse about how I will spend this amazing free time. I am not restricted by bedtimes, mealtimes or toilet training. I can come and go as I please and I can stay in bed until 11am if I really want to. But I won't. Because my automatic body-clock will not allow me to sleep past 8am after 2 years of training. I will fill my days and make sure that I get the things done that are near impossible when trying to battle with my son. Little children think they're just being helpful by pouring their juice on the kitchen floor and mopping it up with the tea towel, or aggressively dusting the TV, or trying to wipe their own bottom and in turn spreading more poop around the bathroom, "But aren't I a big boy Mummy?"
Helping to wash-up

Whilst you want to scream or run (classic fight or flight) all you can do is patiently except that they don't think they're doing anything wrong and too be fair, yes it's an inconvenience, but he's not being nasty or endangering himself. Patience is a new found skill I have been forced to learn. I step back, evaluate whether it's actually something naughty or whether it's my tiredness, my hunger or my impatience before I make any snap decisions on how to handle his behaviour.

I plan to take full advantage of the weekend.  I will clean, iron, do a bit of shopping, go for a run, see a couple of friends, catch up on TV and just relax. All the tasks I could do without thinking before I was a Mum. The time I have away from my son will make me appreciate him even more when he comes back on Sunday night. I will give him a big squeeze and a kiss on his little chubby cheek.  We'll cuddle up on the sofa before bath-time and then the weekly routine starts again.

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