Friday, 27 April 2012

Could there be a date on the horizon?

I gave my son his first sticker yesterday for being a good boy. He cheered himself; it was very cute. Then he regressed back to his Neanderthal ways of peeing on the carpet, running around with his pants off - Wilbur flapping in the wind - and throwing a water-soaked flannel out of the bath repeatedly drenching my feet, the floor, the towels and my patience.

When he was tucked up in bed I could finally have some 'me' time. I've been flirting a bit with some hotties online over the last couple of evenings, and I feel that there could be hope yet:
The Sea Monster - (Because of his screen name) A 42 year-old from Fleet who works in the telecommunications industry. He looks pretty great for his age, has similar interests, and actually types in sentences without calling me 'babe'. He's just asked me for my number...

The Party Animal - A 33 year-old with limited hair who sounds like he used to be a bit of a raver back in the day, and he is very funny. He draws caricatures at weddings and is due to study Arabic full time from September. I'm a bit concerned that he might be a bit 'hyper' for me though.
Tall, Dark and very Handsome - Another 33 year old who is an Indian and Trinadadian mix who thinks I look Italian (I don't think he's ever been to Italy). He's probably the better looking of the bunch. He's more of an effort to talk to as his messages are quite short. I really have to put in a concious effort to keep the conversation going.

The Local - He lives about five minutes around the corner from me. I'd save money on petrol in these hard economic times.

Finally, despite my rant in a previous post ('All the same fish?') about 'The Poser Date', I caved in and emailed one such man. Despite having muscle bulging model-poses in all his photos it was pretty clear that he was fed up with having people ask 'is that really you in your photos?'

 He was beautiful and I told him so:

"Erm....bit intimidated by your obvious beauty but I'd thought I'd say hi! I'm sorry to hear you're fed up of the same old comments but please, give a girl a break when there's a pretty big elephant in the room! (I promise that no pun was intended there.)"

He hasn't replied.

Another email I received was from a very sweet 49 year-old. His screen name included the number 69 in it (which threw me). His email ver batum said:

"hi how are you a lady like you is a gift to a man and what you say i quit true when you are in a relationship it is done by both people and you share thing and you become best of friends both to me must help around the house to do the things i hope to hear from you soon"

Once I had paused for breath, and clambered out of the void that his punctuation had obviously fallen into, I had to check out the rest of his profile. He had the cutest profile picture (on it's side because he'd not worked out how to rotate before he uploaded it). The picture looked like it was taken on a shingle beach and he was standing, feet together, arms by his side with a sweet smile, a cardigan and lofas. He had written his profile like a love letter. It was beautiful and made me feel a little teary. My favourite line was:

"Only the most special things in my world get to come inside my heart and stay."

I could have blubbed. Well, I had to email him back. So I politely told him I didn't think I was what he was looking for and something inside me felt the need to write "God bless, and good luck in your search". I'm not really a religious person but he looked like these words of encouragement would give him a pick-me-up and he very nicely replied with the same. Funny how saying that kind of thing makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Is this what compassion feels like?

It is really difficult to know what to think of these men and who to make more of an effort with. What if I miss 'The One' because I'm concentrating on emailing someone else? I'm not in a rush to find anyone, so I will just take things a day at a time. Is it OK to flirt with a couple of guys just to make yourself feel good? Or does that constitute as leading them on? Surely guys do it to girls all the time?

The other important factor that plays in the back of my mind is whether each guy would be a potential role model for my son. I'm not looking for an Insta-Dad but it would help if they wanted to play a role in his life one day.

I had the meeting with the nursery about my son's behaviour today and I will provide an update in tomorrow's post of their findings and my assigned 'tasks' in order to help nip it in the bud. I was still fighting with him to go to sleep at 10pm tonight so we definitely haven't started off our new routine on a positive note!

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